I'm a trolley storage unit called Boby.
My drawers, shelves and receptacles can house almost anything.
I was originally designed to suit the needs of an architect/designer but, through the years,
have inhabited homes, offices, surgeries and laboratories. They stocked me with dentist's instruments, painter's colours, make-up, paper, and even plants.
On the other hand, thanks to my versatility which allows me to be vertically combined in differing ways, I offer personalised storage arrangements and, because of this, consider myself to be a very versatile fellow indeed……. Besides being decidedly immune from passing fads. Briefly, I was born in 1970, as a one-year old I was awarded my first SMAU award and now, forty years later, I am proudly part of the permanent collections of both the New York's Museum of Modern Art and Milan's "Triennale". I have contributed in unfolding the history of design, and yet I keep my wheels firmly on the ground: I still love colours, innovative ideas and the ingeniousness of certain designs.

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